• Tervalis Group

    Térvalis Group is a business group that began its journey in Teruel in 1986 and since then it has looked to the future with the goal of leading the sectors in which it carries out its activity in Spain and increase its international presence without giving up its identity, passion for what it does, and commitment.

    The vocation of entrepreneurship has made the Group grow in a continuous and sustainable manner. Its strength and driving force is based on its human resources, with nearly 1,500 employees on different continents; the commitment to research and innovation translates into an investment of three million euros per year for more than ten years, making this pillar of the group's activity a competitive advantage that applies to all transformation processes; top quality raw materials; a competitive technological and industrial production that is respectful of the natural environment and solid financial and commercial resources that have allowed it to position itself in international markets with powerful alliances, reaching a total turnover in 2016 that exceeds 500 million euros.

    The division dedicated to the production and commercialization of plant nutrients includes the subsidiaries present in Spain, France, Italy, Mexico, Algeria, Argentina, Ukraine, and Portugal, and we continue to grow in production so that we can be present in all the countries of the world in the next few years. We are already in the top positions in R&D&i at the European level, with 44 patents at present.

    Térvalis's commitment to R&D&i has helped it to form part of the patronages of the Aula Dei Foundation, the Spanish Technology Platform for Plant Biotechnology (BIOVEGEN) and the Research Centre for Energy Resources and Consumption (CIRCE), as well as collaborate with the main research centres and teachers throughout the country.

    In addition to the research that Térvalis carries out in the field of agricultural nutrition, it is also decisively driving the research in the field of animal nutrition, developing enzymes that reduce the contribution of nutrients in the ration, and even reaching the Liquid Phytase GlobalZimes1000FTY, an enzyme that releases Phytic Phosphorus from vegetable ingredients. Unique in Europe. These are studies that fall within the scope of the application of genetic engineering techniques to design and develop enzymes that improve the efficiency of the products.

    The internationalization of the group grows parallel to the food and renewable energy divisions, which are committed to the local area contributing to improving the quality of life in society as a whole.

    The integration of the process, the quality, and the differentiation are the keys to giving value to your fresh and prepared meats, cured hams, and extraordinary wines that combine tradition and technology, resulting in certified gourmet products.

    The soul of Térvalis Group is also in the foundation that bears his name, a non-profit organization, whose mission is to generate stable employment for demographics at risk of exclusion, such as disability, through its Special Employment Centres. It also manages a Food Bank and international cooperation in Africa through educational projects in Senegal.

Tervalis Group



Always moving forward, increasing the competitiveness of our customers. Providing value to our stakeholders, sharing knowledge.


More for less. Helping our stakeholders benefit from our activity. Our committed and honest workers are motivated by the challenge of continuous change.


With our natural and social environment and with our customers. Generating sustainable businesses that generate added value to our land.


We want to return to society part of what it has given to us. We collaborate with the Térvalis Foundation, whose special employment centres provide work for people with disabilities. Our solid ethical and responsible pillars are reflected in our
Code of Ethics


Motivated by the challenge of continuous change. Getting ahead of the needs of our customers.


We want to be the most competitive company in the sector. We develop new products and new technologies and expand our activity all over the world.


Our best investment is dedicated to R&D&i. It makes us more sustainable, more efficient, and more respectful toward the environment. It is a way of understanding any activity and that responds to our desire to leave a better world for our children.


Also economic, we are invested in bioeconomics as the most sustainable formula to develop our activity in the territory where we were born.


  • 1986

    Creation of the first organic fertilizer and microelemental composting unit in Sarrión (Teruel).


    Construction of the first solid granular NPK fertilizer plant in Teruel.


    Founding of Leatransa Levantino Aragonesa de Tránsitos S.A., a port logistics company of the group.


    Beginning of the drying and commercialization of hams in Cedrillas.


    Se pone en marcha la planta de Escucha para el compostaje de fertilizantes orgánicos y una ampliación de la planta de Sarrión que pasa a fabricar organominerales complejos y superfosfatos.


    The Group, together with Cereales Teruel, implements the slaughter, cutting, and processing activity of Designation of Origin (D.O.) pigs in Teruel.

  • 1998

    We begin the project of production of D.O. pigs, along with Cereales Teruel, with a capacity of 5,000 mothers.


    Construction of the first soluble crystalline fertilizer factory in Utrillas (Teruel)


    The first phosphate production plant for animal feed is established in Utrillas.


    Asturiana de Fertilizantes is established, an investee company in Avilés that owns a superphosphate factory.


    Establishment of the Térvalis Foundation


    Purchase of NPK fertilizer factory, SCPA Southwest, in Misson (France).

  • 2007

    Establishment in Senegal and start of phosphate mining activities.


    Beginning of the production of quality wine from our vineyards in the comarca of Matarraña.


    Agreements with operators in the energy sector for the development of the alternative energy business, mainly wind power.


    Construction of the bio-stimulating fertilizer plant in Utrillas (Teruel).


    Establishment of a factory in Huelva to manufacture special fertilizers and products for animal nutrition.


    Adquisition of Térvalis Group offices in Madrid.

  • 2014

    Adquisition of Térvalis Group offices in Madrid.


    Global Feed is created to bring experience, technology, and research to the livestock sector with bicalcium and monocalcium phosphates.


    Acquisition and rehabilitation of a modernist building in Teruel designated for the offices of the Térvalis Foundation.


    Acquisition and rehabilitation of a modernist building in Teruel designated for the offices of the Térvalis Foundation.


    Beginning of the project for the start-up of the CIBA (Centre for Applied Biotechnology) in Teruel.



    Million in turnover






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